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Current Faves: Love in the Kitchen

 Fun Fact about my upbringing: One of the things my mom became known for saying in conversations about love and marriage was "Sex starts in the kitchen!"  She and my dad would wink and laugh, while my brothers and I would cringe and be like "Ew, please stop?" (In case you've never heard this quote before, it's referring to the wives that get turned on when their husbands do the dishes or some other 'acts of service' love language. It's not referring to any sort of memory of me walking in on my parents doing it WHERE WE MAKE THE FOOD.) ( That would have made this whole intro about how one time I called the police and never spoke to my makers again.) Anyway, rest assured that 'acts of service' is not my primary love language so when I write about a bunch of things that are kitchen and food related, none of my jokes will be any more off-color than usual. Here are some of the things I've been loving lately, that all happen to share that

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